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Punkvoter.com is a coalition punk bands, musicians, and record labels built to educate, register and mobilize progressive voters.

Punkvoter is about organizing the many diverse and regional movements into one voice of political change. Punkvoter is our way to educate today’s youth about what is really going on in Washington, DC and how we can collectively force change. This is our chance to be a strong voice against the serious flaws in the current political system. This is our way to talk about new laws and scenarios that could change our quality of life for years to come. Punkvoter is your organization. It will be run with the same energy and spirit of all punk efforts. With your help we will be a credible force to truly shape the future of our nation.

This community was formed as a mutual meeting ground for those who share ideas in common with the members of punkvoter, to discuss with, debate, and support each other.

This community isn't about being 'punk rock' and hating the government. It's about being 'punk rock' and changing the government.

This community is not about who's emo or who's hardcore or who's punk. It's about fucking unity against a common enemy.

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